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About me

Carolyn has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon.

A coping mechanism from her childhood gives her the ability to see difficult situations in a happier, cartoonier way.  When she or someone close to her is going through something hard, she sees it it her mind and creates pictures using watercolor. She discovered the watercolor medium by accident when he father died over 20 years ago. She used a child's watercolor set to work through her grief. She then started taking watercolor classes and self taught herself the techniques. She used the watercolor as a kind of therapy for herself. She found comfort and self awareness when she painted with watercolor. She eventually put the pictures in her mind  on paper and eventually added words, creating her children's books. She normally creates the pictures for the books and then adds words to go with them. The time she spends on her books depends on how deeply her emotions are involved in the subject matter. She is always working on her next book because life is always giving her new challenges.

She has been an Adjunct Early Childhood Education Professor, a Math and Reading Interventionist,  a Kindergarten Teacher, a Preschool Teacher,  and a Preschool & Childcare owner. She received her M.Ed. in 1995 and her Post Masters Graduate Certificate ~ Early Childhood Teacher in 2015. She lives in Central New Hampshire with her husband and enjoys spending time with her three older sons and their wives. She has written and illustrated over twenty children's books. She enjoys x-country skiing and spending time with her animals and her family during her spare time.

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