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This is a cute book that makes light of some of our current political issues in a kid friendly way. Perfect Puppy is running as a Re'pup'lican and Fat Kitty is running as a Demo'cat'. My 4th grade son really liked the book and it has and issues check list to help you to decide who you might want to vote for and a ballot as well. Gave me an opportunity to talk to my child about the political issues mentioned and how they might affect our family.
Would recommend this book.

- V. Stewart

Through God' Eye


  This delicate and meaningful sweet story follows the life cycle of a precious caterpillar. While navigating through the transition from egg to butterfly, the author highlights an underlying emotion of grief which is eventually conquered with love and and empathy. This story provides a gentle reminder that love is about learning, losing, and embracing the moment - that life is precious and fragile. The poetic delivery and colorful illustrations help bring the story to life. I highly recommend this book to little ones and parents alike. It's a simple reminder of life's beauty!

-Dr. Renea Skelton

This book is beautifully written and

illustrated. I'm a Sunday school teacher and children's worship         leader at my church. I can't wait to read this to the children there! Although written towards younger children, my 14 and 10 year old daughters also enjoyed looking at this book.

                                  -Jennifer Hurley

Fat Kitty for President

Through God's Eye is an inspirational book that takes you through the eyes of God in every situation, not just through your own. A must-have read and I highly recommend.

-Kid Reader

A beautiful story about looking at life in a different way. This easy to read book is perfect to share with your children and discuss how God has a plan for each of us. We may not understand the way he brings us through obstacles, but by having faith we find our way.

-Cindy Shirley

I liked reading this book to my 7 year old daughter. It is a nice way to add a little sense of humor to the world of politics. For children, we have to find a way for them to connect real life issues/situations (even though they don't have to worry about them just yet) with things that they connect with. Using cats and dogs is a great way to help children understand something such as presidential elections, because just like our presidents and cats and dogs, not everybody likes or believes the same things!


Fat Kitty and Perfect Puppy run for President and you can join in the democratic process too! Learn about the issues, the pros and the cons, Then cast your vote. I've cast mine for "Fat Kitty for President" as a great teaching tool.

-Celia Goyette, Reading Specialist

What an endearing book about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. The illustrations are beautiful in soft watercolor which adds to the beauty of the story. My granddaughter loved the illustrations and kept pointing to the caterpillars and monarch's as though they were real. I feel this will be a book we reread often. A wonderful story with an endearing message.


This is an endearing story about what life is like during and after transition in life. Very dear illustrations. Watercolors are very soothing and fit this book perfectly.

-Tammy Rush-Sirmon

The Living Tree

This is a really sweet story about a big tree and a little tree. You will see how the big tree protects the little tree until a big wind comes and knocks it down. But when the big tree falls over, the little tree grows because it gets the sun and the rain.

-Amazon Customer

This is such a lovely book. The illustrations are beautiful. The words are easily understood by young children. A big tree protects the little tree, but the little tree eventually grows on its own. I enjoyed reading this book!

-Love to read

Rainbow Bridge

Great Book for helping young ones understand why lying is a good thing- love all the books by the author!

-richard c.

The Lie
A great book that takes the lie off of a child and makes it tangible and controllable .

"The Lie" helps children understand what it can feel like to think about telling a lie and why it might not be the best choice.The pictures are fun, creative and the language is delightful.

-Celia Goyette, Reading Specialist

This book is a cute way of showing kids that not everyone or everything can work in the same ways.
It was catchy and repetitive so kids can join in while reading, I find myself saying "I do not like this" all the time.

-Brianna V.

The Purple Dragonfly

This is the kind of book that any parent or grandparent will find hits close to home. While it provides food for thought for the child, it is the bittersweet aspect of raising your children and lovingly releasing them from the nest. Gorgeous illustrations.

-A.J. Porter

The Purple Dragonfly is a book about a mommy dragonfly who always took care of her young, until one day they are grown and she is alone. In this book, she learns she will always be "mom" to them, but at the same time, learns to have her own individuality.

-Kid Reader

I really loved the colorful illustrations. The story tore at my heartstrings. Made me tear up a little, but in a good way. Definitely worth reading, especially if you're facing having to let your child go and soar its wings.

-Susan S. Roy

Fat Kitty Visits New Hampshire

This book is funny and clever. It's a good story for both adults and children. It has a unique feel to it. I love it.


A great book to help learn about the state of NH. Written with humor as kitty travels around the state letting the reader know different facts.

-Kelly Beliveau

It was a cute book. I learned a lot about New Hampshire with the kitty in the story. The cat was cute.


Great Book, and easy read for my 3 kids.
The author writes in a way that children can understand!
-Richard C.
What a great way to celebrate each other's and our own differences. This book is great for children and adults of any age. We have so much to learn.
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