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Educational Kids Books

The Importance of Educational Kids Books

Carolyn Cutler Hughes Books has a Rainbow Bridge kids book that kids can enjoy reading repeatedly. All of the books have a moral and a lesson to be learned. Inside the Rainbow Bridge kids book, the lesson is about how to cope when losing a pet. It is truly one of the hardest things to get over in life because our pets are our friends and part of the family. The "Rainbow Bridge" is the path for the pets to cross over to the next life in the story. This book is something both children and adults can relate to as we all have lost a pet at some point in our lives or know someone who has been through heartache. As the child reads the book, it will help them get through the grieving process as it helps them understand they can always keep their pets with them in their hearts and through the "Rainbow Bridge."

Carolyn Cutler Hughes knows the importance of educational kids books as she has put out several on the market. Educational kids books help children in the early stages of life as they always remember the lessons and morals behind the stories throughout the rest of their lives. Carolyn has a profound background, which led her to write and illustrate educational kids books. It was over twenty years since her dad passed away, and she stumbled upon watercolors and painting pictures to get her through the hard times. When she discovered the talent, she put it to good use and began her educational kids books. Carolyn is a Reading and Math interventionist and has been an Adjunct Early Childhood Education Professor. She has also been a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher and owned a childcare and preschool business. Most everything she encountered in her life goes into her children's books to relate and help them understand and cope with certain situations.

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