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Acceptance Books For Kids

How Acceptance Books for Kids Helps In Situations

Acceptance books for kids can help in bullying situations and not feeling wanted or accepted among their peers. Many stories have come out from many children's authors about bullying since the awareness was made known a few decades ago. Acceptance books for kids can help children cope with the feelings and emotions that tag, along with not being accepted. It is a horrible feeling, and the older generations know we were all bullied at some point in our lives, but today's generations do not deal with bullying the same way. We hear more from teenagers to children under ten years old committing suicide because of bullying and the feeling of not being wanted. These acceptance books for kids can help children with their self-esteem and teach them ways to cope with the emotions that should never have to be, but we all must face the facts. They have to deal with that we, as parents and grandparents, did not have back then.

Carolyn also has available kids books about grief. From stories like "Rainbow Bridge," the child loses their pet to real-life events that the author faced when losing her friends and family members. "The Living Tree" is a book about her friend losing her mother, to whom she was very close. Her friend lost her mother suddenly after an illness. She writes about how her friend became stronger each day and worked through the loss of her mother. Carolyn took this life experience and put it into kids books about grief. Another book, "Flutterfly," is about losing her friend who died in her sleep. She wrote it in honor of her friend and made the main character a Monarch Butterfly.

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