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Carolyn Cutler Hughes Books

Real-Life Stories Put Into Carolyn Cutler Hughes Books

Carolyn Cutler Hughes Books are inspired by real-life stories of events that have happened to her or someone she knows. What makes these books so unique is they all come from the heart, and they all teach a valuable lesson to children on their level of learning. We can sometimes try our best to explain life events, but putting it into something fun and exciting to children hits home. Carolyn Cutler Hughes Books allows the child to soak up what the storyline is, and they can read it repeatedly. It will also help them remember the meaning behind the story, which will help them currently in their young childhood days, and it will grow with them to adulthood. Somethings in life are difficult to explain to a child, like death. These books leave the wheels turning as the child learns at their own pace.

The Fat Kitty books are a hit among parents and children. There are five books to mention where Fat Kitty is the main character, "Fat Kitty for President," Fat Kitty's Coloring Book of Cats," "Fat Kitty's 12 Days of Christmas," "Fat Kitty Visits New Hampshire," and "Fat Kitty Travels Through the United States." Fat Kitty books have the current events we all have to face with the elections, the Christmas season, and it helps children learn a bit of geography. Since kids love to color pictures in coloring books, Carolyn created one of her own. Fat Kitty shows how all cats are different and that is okay. It all came from a reoccurring dream Carolyn had of  cats with different colors and  designs.

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