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Life Lesson Books For Kids

How Life Lesson Books for Kids Stay With Them

Life lesson books for kids stay with children all of their life. We have all heard the expression, "Kids are like sponges." This statement is the truth because they absorb everything at an early age. Childhood is all about learning how to live and act. The way they act shows how they learn life lessons. Life lesson books for kids are the best way to teach them because it is something on their level they can understand and relate. Morals are something we all understand, but explaining morals to a kid can be challenging. Books with life lessons with children painted into the books can teach a child how the character in the story does things and how they deal with life's situations. There are some instances the child may have already encountered and learned from the parent. It works out even better because it instills the lessons even more and hits home.

Carolyn has also written stories about lying for kids in her children's book called "The Lie." She explains how the story came to fruition when she had a worker who always had an excuse or reason why she could never show up on time or work that day. Visions seem to come over Carolyn when her worker would tell lies of a character known as "little lie" that would sit on the lady's tongue. She would see the character jumping and dancing around as the lady spoke. Since Carolyn illustrates her books, she drew what she saw and came up with stories about lying for kids. Carolyn knew she had to have a character that would not scare the kids, so she created the "little lie" and put hands and feet to make it more lifelike. Kids love to exaggerate, and it is good to let them have an imagination. This book explains how it is not acceptable to lie to people, which contains an essential lesson in life.

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